Porsche Repair Facilities
United States
Dr.John's Motorsports
203 E. Holly Ave.
Sterling, VA. 20164

Owner - Chris Prack

Voice: 703-433-2007

Email: drjohnmotorsport@aol.com

Rate - $65 / hr

We are a new shop in Northern Virginia. We only work on European vehicles and do anything from routine maitinance to full race prep.

We currently run two 944's in PCA Club racing (89 & 88 TS) and have been very sucessful. I also have numerous customers that run SCCA as well. We have the lastest top of the line equipment availible and a VERY clean shop.

Chris Prack

Krynock Strictly Porsche
1300 Dinneen Street

Owner - Glen Krynock.

Voice: 804-353-9461

Email: krynock@louisa.net

Rate - $75 / hr

Very reputable and fair. They have been establihed since est. 1986 and are a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Their quality of work is EXCELLENT.

4536 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304-0902

Contact - Andrew Ming

Voice: 703-212-0900

Fax: 703-212-0902

Rate - Unknown

Good shop with reasonable prices on their labor. I often bring my own parts. Overall I rate them very competent in their work and personal in their relations with customers.

857 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Voice: 757-425-6651

Email: cars@eurosport.com

Rate - $68 / HR

Excellent shop. Reliable and efficient. I've seen customer cars from most east coast states. Most employees involved heavily in DE's and support customers (and others) at the events.

Foreign Car Service
501 Bashford Lane
Alexandria, VA

Owner - Heinz Kesterman

Voice: 703-549-4100

Rate - $60 - 70 / HR

Family business: Heinz Kesterman (father) Fritz (son and manager) Andreas (son and more hands on mechanics) Bosch certified mechanics (major plus in tracking CIS problems)Have done medium duty work on my Targa, bmw and Volvo. Service is good although the front end of the business (intake / service writer) could use a little bit of work. Quality of work has been good and with no call-backs. Would recommend for logistics as well as enterprise will pick up / deliver here. Always busy. Can bring your own parts and will accept aftermarket supplier direct ship to shop.

Curry's Auto Service
14210 F Sulleyfield Circle
Chantilly, VA 20151


Voice: 703-502-0400
Fax: 703-502-4515

Email: matt@currysauto.com

Rate - $60 - 70 / HR

Great website! PCA member, races a 944 @ Summit Point, WV primarily. Works on many PCA Potomac region members cars. Focuses on BMW, Porsche and Audi primarily. Did a valve job, and basic maintenance work on my BMW. Mechanic swapped polished valve cover for my tarnished old one after I made a comment on how I wish I could clean it! Shuttle to metro but, still pretty far out from center of DC Metro area.

Curry's Auto Service of Ashburn
1510 Moran Road
Sterling, VA 20166


Voice: 571-522-1002
Fax: 571-522-1010

Email: matt@currysauto.com

Rate - $60 - 70 / HR

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