BODY-10, Mirror Removal and Installation - Exterior

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If you remove both mirrors or are installing new mirrors on the car and you have the mirrors disassembled, make sure you get the correct glass in the correct mirror body. In other words, when you assemble the mirrors, make sure the magnifying mirror glass (that makes objects appear closer) is installed in the passenger's side mirror housing.

Procedure - Early 944 (pre-1985.5)

  1. Very careful pry the mirror glass away from the mirror drive mechanism using a flat tip screwdriver. The glass is held in place by three push pin connectors. The mirror glass can be easily broken if you pry to hard on the glass.

  2. Once the glass is separated from the drive mechanism, disconnect the heater wires from the back of the mirror and set the glass aside so it isn't accidentally broken.

  3. Using the appropriate size socket and ratchet, remove the three bolts that hold the mirror drive mechanism to the mirror housing. In the picture below this is shown using a mirror that has been removed from a car, but it works the same with the mirror on the car.

  4. When you have the drive mechanism separated from the housing you'll find an electrical connector for the drive mechanism. Disconnect the mechanism and set it aside.

  5. If the mirror housing is to be removed from the car, you'll have to remove the electical connector plug from the wires so that the housing will slide over the wiring harness. To do this you'll need an electrical connector pin removal tool. This is available at Radio Shack or most electronic supply stores. Using the tool push the pins, one at a time, out of the plug.
  6. Rotate the mirror toward the front of the car and you'll find an Allen head bolt underneath the mirror housing. Remove the Allen head bolt and the mirror housing will slide off of the wiring harness.
Procedure - Late Model 944s (1985.5 and Newer)

    The mirror glass is attached to the mirror housing via a bayonet style locking ring. The locking ring has several teeth, one of which has a tab that locks into the bayonet mount. The locking ring is disengaged by inserting a flat tip screwdriver into the teeth and pushing the handle of the screwdriver to the left as you face the mirror (which rotates the locking ring counter-clockwise).

  1. On the bottom side of the mirror near the center you'll find a small hole. Insert the small flat tip screwdriver into the hole and rotate the sliding locking ring (as described above) that holds the mirror glass in place.

  2. Remove the mirror glass from the housing, disconnect the wire (mirror heating from the back of the mirror, and set it aside.
  3. Remove the three bolts that hold the motor assembly in place and remove the motor.
  4. Mark the orientation of the wires in relation to the indent on the motor plug. This will make the installation of the mirror go much smoother. Using a pin removal tool, press the female pins out of the motor electrical connector.
  5. Turn the mirror housing on the base enough to expose the mounting screws. Remove the mounting screws and lift the mirror off the door.
  6. Feed the motor wires down through the base of the mirror as it is lifted off the door.
  7. Installation is the reverse of the removal. If you forgot to mark the orientation of the wires before removing them from the electrical connector plug, the drawing below and table below will help you determine the correct orientation of the wires. The wire orientations shown in the drawing is looking at the back side of the plug.

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