DME-01, DME Control Unit Removal and Installation (also KLR unit for Turbo models)

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  1. Disconnect the battery negative lead (13mm nut for factory leads)
  2. Remove/disconnect the DME and/or KLR control unit as follows:
    1. Early Models:
      1. The DME unit on early models is located underneath the dash to the left of the steering column.
      2. Release the clip on the cable end of the plug and swing the connector up and out of the plug.
      3. Remove the two mounting bolts holding the DME control unit and remove the control unit from under the dash.
    2. Late Models:
      1. Pull back the carpet at the front of the passenger footwell.
      2. Remove the four screws which mount the wooden panel in the footwell and remove the panel.
      3. This will expose the DME control unit. It will be necessary to remove the DME control unit's mounting bracket screws (2 screws and 2 plugs) to enable you to access the wiring harness plug. (On Turbo models, there are 2 control units. The larger of the two is the DME, or fuel and boost, unit and the smaller is the KLR, or anti-knock, unit).
      4. Release the clip on the cable end of the plug and swing the connector up and out of the plug.
      5. On turbocharged cars there is also a hose connection which feeds manifold pressure to the KLR for boost sensing. It is attached to the unit with a small banjo bolt (7mm). When you remove the bolt be sure not to lose the two banjo bolt seal rings.


  1. Ensure the battery negative lead is disconnected.
  2. Insert the hooked end of the connector (opposite the wiring harness) into the slot on the DME (or KLR) Control Unit plug.
  3. Swing the connector down into the control unit plug unit the retaining clip on the unit plug latches on the connector.
  4. Attach the manifold pressure sensing line to the KLR unit (if equipped) using the banjo bolt (7mm).
  5. Remount the control unit in its original location.

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