ENG-03, Flywheel Lock Installation

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Other Procedures Needed


  1. Place the vehicle on jack stands or ramp
  2. Disconnect the battery positive lead (unless you need to practice your arch welding skills).
  3. Using ENG-13, place the engine at TDC on cylinder #1.
  4. Using the 8 mm socket remove the starter heat shield mounting nut on the back of the starter.
  5. Using the 17 mm wrench, loosen the starter heat shield mounting bolts on the clutch housing (Do not need to remove completely) and remove the heat shield.
  6. Using the 19 mm socket and/or wrench, remove the starter mounting bolts. Hang the starter to one side using the shock cord or bailing wire.
  7. Install the flywheel lock and ensure that the teeth on the lock engage with the teeth on the flywheel.
  8. Bolt the flywheel lock to the clutch housing using the starter mounting bolts. You will need a nut to fit the bolt on one side. The other bolt with thread into the clutch housing.
  9. Verify that the engine remained at TDC during lock installation.

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