LUBE-09, New Style Oil Cooler Seals

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This document contains information from Porsche Technical Bulletin 8813 dated June 10, 1988.


The o-rings used on both nozzles (see picture below) of the normally aspirated car oil cooler AND on the connection pipe of the turbo charged car oil thermostat / filter housing (one o-ring) were replaced by a new style o-ring in 1988. The new style o-rings are green in color while the old style o-rings are red.

When replacing oil cooler seals, only the new version o-rings should be installed. The part number for the new style o-rings is 999 707 043 40.

The new version o-rings were installed from the following engine numbers:

New Style O-Ring Installations
Engine Number
46 J 06772
924S, 944 Manual Transmission
46 J 61599
924S, 944 Auto Transmission
42 J 01420
45 J 01753
944 Turbo
47 J 00899
944 Turbo S

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