SUSP-03, Shock Replacement

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It really is surprising just how much difference replacing a bad set of shocks can make in the ride and comfort of any car. So, just how can you tell if your rear shocks need replacing? Well, simply push down on the back of the cars several times. When you stop pushing, if the car rebounds more than twice, the rear shocks need replacing. Some folks will tell you to test one side at a time because they may replace only one shock if it's bad. However, I personally don't believe in replacing just one shock unless unusual circumstances have caused one of the shocks to fail long before it should have. Normally, if one needs replacing, I replace both.


Other Procedures Needed



  1. Raise the rear of the vehicle on jack stands.
  2. It isn't necessary to remove the rear wheels. However, it makes the shock replacement much simpler.
  3. Loosen the lower shock mounting bolt.
  4. Using a floor jack, raise the trailing arm until the lower shock mounting bolt can be removed.
  5. Loosen and remove the upper shock mounting bolt.
  6. Remove the shock from the vehicle.
  7. Installation is the reverse of removal.

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