BODY-13, Hood Crest - Removal and Installation

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Other Procedures Needed


  1. Using BODY-09, remove the nose panel from the vehicle.


    When you remove the nose panel, you will find that the crest is held in place by two posts. The posts will be held by one of two different types of retaining nuts. One is a spring clip and the other is a screw-on type nut. The spring clips have a tendency to become loose over time and in the case of my own car resulted in the hood crest getting blown off on the interstate. The picture below show the back of a nose panel with retaining clips. When installing a new hood crest kit with retaining nuts these clips will have to be removed from the panel.

  2. If the old crest to be removed is held in place by the spring clips, the crest must be removed by sliding a putty knife under the crest and prying it off of the nose panel. I really don't like doing this because there's a risk of damaging the paint. So, I typically use a plastic putty knife or simply cut the spring clips (since I'll be removing them anyway) away from the posts on the hood crest using a pair of end cutters.


    The new hood crest kit (shown below) will come with a hood crest, gasket, and two retaining nuts with a sealant putty on the back. It may be extremely difficult to get the gasket to remain fitted onto the hood crest properly while the crest is being installed. I advise stretching the gasket slightly before installing it onto the crest and apply a small amount of trim adhesive to hold the gasket onto the crest.

  3. Install the gasket onto the hood crest. Place the crest on the nose panel and install the backing nuts. Do not full tighten the nuts yet.
  4. It may still be impossible to keep the lip of the gasket fitted over the edges of the crest while it is being installed. So, it may be necessary to roll the lip of the gasket out from under the crest and around it's edges after the crest is installed onto the nose panel. Consequently, don't tighten the nuts for the hood crest until you're sure the gasket is correctly positioned on the crest. The picture below demonstrates how to roll the lip of the gasket using a straight probe. A small flat tip jeweler's screwdriver works very well also. Use caution when rolling the lip on the gasket so as not to damage it.

  5. Once the gasket is in place around the outside edge of the hood crest, tighten the backing nuts until they are snug. Do not over tighten the nuts as it will squeeze out all of the sealing putty.

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