COOL-05, Thermofan Switch Replacement

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Tools Needed

Other Procedures Needed


  1. Disconnect negative terminal of the battery.
  2. Jack car and place the front end on jack-stands.
  3. Remove the belly pan.
  4. Drain approximately 2 liters (slightly more than 2 qts.) of coolant system from the radiator by removing the drain plug at the bottom of the radiator on the driver's side. Reinstall the plug after the required amount of coolant has been drained.
  5. Remove the fan assembly. I've talked to a few people who have done this job without removing the fan assembly using a long handle extension and a socket. However, I've never had much luck using that method.
  6. Above and to the left of the driver's side cooling fan is the switch.
  7. Disconnect the electrical connector from the switch.
  8. Using a 29mm deep socket, remove the switch.


    Due to differences in manufacturing tolerances, you may find a 1-1/8" deep socket that will fit. However, due to the tight space, it's almost impossible to remove the switch with an open end or box end wrench.

  9. Check the threads in the radiator to determine if they are plastic or brass.
  10. Replace the switch with the new one, making sure you use a new washer.
  11. If the threads in the radiator for the switch are plastic, torque the switch to 20 Nm. If the threads are brass torque the switch to 28 Nm.
  12. Reconnect the electrical connector to the switch.
  13. Reinstall the fan assembly.
  14. Fill coolant system with properly mixed coolant and vent using the COOL-02 procedure.

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